The Dispatch


The Dispatch unlocks at lv. 30. Everyday you can dispatch once for free.

You can see two different merchants. The first one is for relics and the second one will give you cloaks. After using your free dispatch, you have to pay gold.


You get random cloaks and relics and if you get coloured stuff,

you have to collect the pieces:

blue - fully collected, green - fully collected, yellow - 5 shards,

red - 10 shards, purple - 20 shards


Sometimes if you're very lucky (like me !), you can get coloured relics or cloaks without collecting shards, a fully collected equipment. (I got two red relics and one red cloak without collecting any shards - first server.)


. After Update: Now it's easier to get full colour sets !


 - The Dispatch now got improved by the latest update from 11/12 2012. You can get full set of yellow or red cloak / relic by trading with the fourth merchant. You need luck forhis appeareance.

If you trade with the third merchant, you can get full set of yellow cloak / relic or shards of red items.

The Dispatch is like gambling. Good luck and happy gambling !


Relic price:

first merchant - 8000 gold

second merchant - 11000 gold

third merchant - 25000 gold

fourth merchant - 50000 gold


Cloak price:

first merchant - 10000 gold

second merchant - 13750 gold

third merchant - 31250 gold

fourth merchant - 62500 gold


This is my method, how to get higher stuffs:

(You need a lot of gold, if you're hunting for better cloaks)

Tap a merchant, which one you like - for example: cloak.

Press dispatch until another merchant in the line appears. Don't press 'confirm' after dispatch, just tap and tap. If you get the next merchant, you can decide to take the item and wait for the next day to use your free dispatch and save 30k gold or you press again and hope that the next higher merchant will show up, so you can save 60k gold for the next day.


I usually spent 100k-200k gold each day, if I don't spent it on enhance already.

fourth merchant
fourth merchant

Notice: I would wait after reset time to save 62500 gold (; (free dispatch)

2 merchants
2 merchants

Sometimes it can happen that you press wrong.. like me haha.

I got some lags, so here I pressed cloak merchant, the marked button jumped to relic merchant, then I pressed button without noticing the jump and now I got both second merchants. You can't hold both, if you choose one to continue, the other one will disappear after pressing dispatch two times.



Recent Update:


11/18 2012

Zoldyck has to quit game and can't longer continue on this guide. My apology.

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