Beginner Guide

Level 1 - Level 20

These pictures show you how to attack the NPC.

If you attack the next Enemy, you have to watch the battle until the end. (Sometimes if I know that I got no chance, I close the app to skip the battle haha)

If you attack the defeated Enemy, you can skip by tapping 'Result'.

You can watch record to make an opinion about other team buildings from different players.

You can't attack a distant Enemy.

After defeating the third NPC, your City is now available !

You gain access by tapping in menu bar - city.

There you can build some buildings, which were destroyed before by war.

Upgrading your castle can unlock certain buildings. I would recommend to max all your buildings. Every building got their own useful functions.


But keep in mind that there will be two buildings which shouldn't be upgraded in a rush but do it wisely. (!! Market and Zepp Authority)


Daily Login

Slide to the left and then tap the noticeboard. It will show you a blackboard with the Server Message from iFree and Login Bonus + Login Benefit. If you log in everyday you will get Dailybonuses, which can contains gold, rubies, merits, decrees, runes of inspirations and Special Heroes (only for your first time. After claiming, it turns into 30 rubies - if it shows 30 Special Heroes, it's a bug).

Special Hero
Special Hero

Login Bonus

First day: 5k gold

Second day: 10k gold

Third day: 1k merits


4th and 5th day: 20 rubies


6th and 7th day: 30 rubies


(Notice: New Player get a special hero (Nightingale; Unit: Druid / he can heal) instead of 30 rubies. After claiming the reward, it will show "30 Special Heroes" but they are 30 rubies.)


Daily Login
Daily Login

8th day - 14th day: 10 runes of inspirations


15th day - 21th day: 50k gold


22th day - 28th day: 2 decrees


29th day - 35th day: 80k gold


36th day: 5 decrees

(it will stays forever 5 decrees until you miss the log in - then it will repeats the circle.)


Login Benefit

You can trade 3k gold for 10k grains.

After your Login Bonus reach 50k gold, the benefit will change into 50 rubies for 10 runes of inspiration.

On 29th day, the Login Benefit change again into 5 Decrees at 35 Rubies each.


      (Special Thanks to Yasharea)



Rebuild your city

When you visit your city, it only will show up your Castle, Blacksmith, Altar of Heroes, Treasury and Houses at first. After defeating some NPC in conquest, or if you reach a certain level, you will unlock some buildings.


To know more about their functions, click here to continue.


It is neccessary to upgrade your castle to increase the cap of all other buildings.



How to equip

beat the next NPC
beat the next NPC

Through the conquest you can find various equipments from NPC to increase the strength or defense of your heroes. The gear requires certain level to wear it. But for the start, you only get basic/white stuffs which are open for heroes with lv. 1.

The Tutorial from game will guide you how to equip after beating the third NPC, but if you didn't pay attention to it, I will explain it again for you:

Bronze Dagger
Bronze Dagger

After looting a Bronze Dagger (white weapon lv. 1), you can tap "To Equipment Panel"in the message or you tap in


menue > heroes > equipment.

equipment panel
equipment panel

You can now equip your weapon on Athena Pallas.

how to equip
how to equip

Tap on the dagger and "Equip". Now Athena should wear it. Sometimes the game lags, so you should tap until it works.


If you got more heroes, you should slide sideways to get to the next hero which you have already recruited. Then you can equip him.

Excursion: Equipment Colours

Colour rank: white is weakest, purple is the strongest.


White < Blue < Green < Yellow < Red < Purple


Weapon: increase Physical Power      |       Relic: increase Tactical Power

Armor: increase Physical Defense       |       Cloak: increase Tactical Defense


can be found: in conquest                  |       can be found: the Dispatch


Book: increase Elemental Power


can be found: Daily Task - starts to give you books at 4 Stars.


Information about star ranking:

4 and 5 stars: white books

6 stars: blue book

7 stars: green book

8 stars: yellow book

9 stars : red book

10 stars: purple book


white armor
white armor

White Equip

The basic stuff are white. You get them from the shop - but they are not really worth to buy, because you get better equipments in conquest.

Cheap to enhance and only good for the first and second map. Very low stats increase.

blue armor
blue armor

Blue Equip

Through the conquest, you can find blue armor and weapon in the early maps.

If you need gold, try to farm NPC, which give you blue stuff and sell it.

Sphinx Legion drops blue weapon at high rate.


Green Equip

Best way is to get fast to Aphrodite Legion in Somua Kingdom map, so you can get from legion the green armor. Green stuffs are good for players until lv 30.


But the thing is.. you have to collect 2 shards (=pieces) of an equipment to complete a set.


blue - full set, green - 2 shards (except dispatch), yellow - 5 shards,

red - 10 shards, purple - 20 shards

yellow book
yellow book

Yellow Equip

Until lv. 60 you can wear yellow equip.

Best way to get through Fiery Desert. Good stats.

red relic
red relic

Red Equip

You get red armor in Zul'Fabbur and the first red weapon from St.Simon Legion. You will waste some decrees to get some full sets.

To get red relic or cloak, you have to be lucky in "the Dispatch". It's really hard to collect all shards. High stats

purple weapon
purple weapon

Purple Equip

You will cry by enhancing this value purple colour. It is very expensive to enhance and if you fail, you would really be mad ;P

However, it is really worth. Very high stats.

How to enhance


You can enhance your stuff, so they are more effectively against other enemies. White equipments are the most cheapest to enhance. If you get better coloured stuff, it will cost you a lot of gold. It is worth to boost your gear to get further in the conquest, but which one everyone should enhance?



enhance dagger
enhance dagger

Open the Enhance Panel: menue > Items > Enhance

Choose a gear and press enhance.


Now there are two choices:

It will fail or it will enhance successfully.



How you can say?

There is a "Success Rate"-bar. If it shows 100%, your enhance will always work fine.

Between lv. 1 and 20, the bar will always show 100%, so you can enhance everything until the cap level of Blacksmith; here: until lv. 20.

After you reach lv. 21, the bar will goes up and down. Every 4 hours you can catch the highest peek.

Now your Weapon is successfully enhanced.

In the example you can look at the stats. It will increase after enhance successfully. If you get ViP Level 3, you can get critical enhance. It is random and the weapon will enhance twice instead of once.

Every gear and colour get different stats and added points.




--- Different class of gear

A White Weapon lv.1 got 13+ points. It will add up 8 points more after enhance.

compared to

A White Armor lv.1 got 13+ points. It will add up 6 points more after enhance.


--- Different level of gear

A Blue Relic lv. 13 got 25+ points. It will add up 24 points.

compared to

A Blue Relic lv. 21 got 33+ points. It will add up 24 points.


--- Different colour of gear (there are no different coloured equips with same level)

A Blue Cloak lv. 25 got 37+ points. It will add up 18 points

compared to

A Green Cloak lv. 21 got 33+ points. It will add up 24 points


Notice: It doesn't mean that the weaker colour with higher level is better than a stronger colour with lower level. It is always better to get the highest colour because the higher colour gives more points, so it will accross the way.



Recruit a hero


Recruit your first Hero

After defeating a boss, he will be available for you to recruit. Not all bosses can be recruited.

The tutorial will lead you to the recruitment panel or you can open it with


menue > Heroes > Recruitment Panel.


recruit Hodur
recruit Hodur

You can read "The Description". It's your first hero, so you don't have to think about its ability or class hero, just recruit Hodur. Later you can dismiss him for another hero.


There are different classes of heroes. Hodur is a "Half-Orc Mercenary"-unit and his tactical ability is "Blinding Flash". If his hit is successfull, he will make damage and stun the enemy at same time.

Open your Hero Info and look at the names above on the left side. Slide sideways to get access to Hodur and equip him if you can.

slide sideways
slide sideways

Active Hero 2/3 means that you can recruit 3 heroes. Here you got already 2 heroes, so you can recruit one more. You also can buy active slots with rubies if you reach a certain VIP Level.

In Recruitment Panel you can see the stats of marked a hero. After recruit a hero, you have to look into Power Up Panel. You can only see the army level in Hero Info.



Now add your second hero to your formation.


Open: menue > Army > Formation


The third formation slot will be unlocked after you get the building: Magical Academy.




Notice: The heroes you get from conquest is not strong as the heroes you unlocked from collecting prestige. Differentiate between Conquest Heroes and Prestige Heroes.



Bonus Chest

bonus chest
bonus chest

After defeating Nero, you have finished the whole map of Burning Village. You will get rewarded with a bonus chest. Each map will give you a bonus chest for your first timewith clearing the map.

bonus chest opened
bonus chest opened

C'mon tap the chest and.....

Surprise ! It's a blue flag lv. 7 !


Unlocked buildings in Ring of Courage

Start of Ring of Courage
Start of Ring of Courage

After clearing the map Burning Village, you get access to the next map: Ring of Courage. There you can unlock basic buildings like Magic Academy, Altar of Heroes, Granary, Barracks and at last you can choose a faction after beating the big boss of the map.


Liz the Shadow
Liz the Shadow

- Unlock Magic Academy


Beat Liz the Shadow and it will unlocks the building for your techs.


You also get a Voodoo Doll (White Relic lv.1).

High Drop Rate !


Congratulation, now you own a Magic Academy to upgrade techs for getting stronger.


- Third Hero (before trying to defeat Orpheus)


Beat Prometheus (Unit: Moonblade Thrower) and recruit him. His hits are very strong, you only need to enhance a weapon for him.


. I used Prometheus until I got a new Moonblade Thrower. Good Tanker and got pretty hits.


- Unlock Altar of Heroes


Beat Orpheus !!!

Congratulation, now you can use Altar of Heroes to train your heroes for getting stronger.

You can also recruit Orpheus. He is useful for the lower maps with his Tactical: Shield Wall.

unlock farm
unlock farm

- Unlock Grain and Farm in menue


After defeating Rebel Mobs III, the cap of grain will appear above the Resource Box and you can go to farm and occupy a farm to get grain.

The End Boss - Sphinx

defeat boss
defeat boss



After defeating Sphinx, you will unlock some things:


- Barracks

- Permission to join a faction and guild

(Please continue to read here.)

- Migrate straight to the region with cap of level 30


end of map
end of map


The Tutorial will open a window, so you can choose a faction: Valhalla, Crusader and Illuminati. Make your mind, because after choosing a faction, you can't turn back. All faction got his own advantages.

bonus chest
bonus chest



After running a legion successfully, you finished the whole map and can collect the bonus chest.

It's a Blue Weapon lv. 13 !


Legion is for multiple players, you can't run a legion alone. Legion gives you much more merits than normal NPC. There are also bonus time to increase the amount of basic merits.


Times: 8:00 to 9:30 | 11:30 to 13:00


How to run a legion?


Firstly tap the legion. Then simply tap attack.

legion 2
legion 2

A window will open and you can choose between Unlimited - open for all players (only available for Sphinx and Aphrodite), From the same faction - open only for all your own people and From the same guild - open only for your guildmembers.


If you create a legion, you have to choose between these options.


If there is a legion, you can join by tapping the opened legion.



You can wait for more players to join a legion and you can manage to set places. Best way is to move the highest up and move the weakest players down.

Notice: Level doesn't really mean to be strongest, but can be a guideline to choose.

Press attack, if you are done.



If you join, you have to wait for the leader to be ready. Sometimes you have to wait until your team got enough players to run a legion.



The new feature is really useful for both sides. The one, who doesn't spend ruby and the one, who spend ruby. You need to spend 6 rubies. It will stop to autojoin after reset time.

If you create a legion, other players might autojoin, so you don't need to ask in chat for other players.

Notice: Many people join Sphinx - it's popular. In first world, there are still people who join Zul or Somber, but not many.

If you autojoin, you don't need to worry to find a way to burn all your decrees.

Notice: There are some bugs...

The guide for beginners ends here (:

Thanks for reading ! xoxo

If you got something to say, just leave a comment on the below box.


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