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An ancient fiend has broken loose the bind of his seal. The Azarath world was ravaged by fire because of his awakening, so you have to travel to a new continent and regain your strength. The heroic legend starts from here!

Imagine 100 armies actually fight a death-match together. You can manage dozens of skills, more than 100 kinds of units, and talented heroes of many races to form your unique legion. Combining your heroes, units, formations and tactics flexibly to achieve renowned victories!
The world might be shifted by your very slight interference.

Arm yourself and join the epic war!


Game Features

★Easy to begin; Hot girls show you how to play the game
★Most creative and stylish game designing
★Pretty sweet maids for your diversified needs
★Monsters and stages withstand repeated challenges
★More than 100 heroes waiting for you to conquer and recruit
★The combination of more than 100 units and various hero skills
★Colossal equipment and upgrading system
★The epic war for 100 players that you have never experienced



Update in App Store

new update from 11/12
new update from 11/12

New things are added !!!


Sacrifice, Enchant button (seems not working), Ranking and some other little renewals.


New bugs are added: Chat is not working right and the Power Up Panel is bugged.

Trouble: Android doesn't have the new update yet, so people can't go online and play.


Notice: Green Heroes got a decrease in stats and this lost was added to Blue Heroes as bonus ! Now Balrog is ultimate !




New Login-Screen


Now you can log in without creating a new account if you re-install the game.

But if you own multiple accounts, you can't switch easy like before, you have to logout and re-login again.


New interface !

Recent Update:


11/18 2012

Zoldyck has to quit game and can't longer continue on this guide. My apology.

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